Hottest Kitchen Renovation Trends for 2014

The kitchen is the one room in the house where everyone gathers every day.  As the most popular spot in your home, why not make your kitchen the most attractive and inviting room and give the hub of your home some character.

Here are some of the hottest sunshine coast kitchens renovation trends for this year

Black countertops

Black kitchen benchtops may be the hottest trend right now, with homeowners looking to add sophistication to their kitchen.  Popular materials to achieve this look will include black granite and quartz. The great thing about this trend is that black is a classic colour and will maintain its appeal for many years longer than other fashionably coloured countertops.  Expect to see black-countered kitchens paired with lighter colours for contrast

Opening shelves or glass-front cabinets

As the kitchen has become a central meeting place for family and friends, presentation has become a priority for many homeowners.  Gone are the days when kitchen shelves used to be a place to stash dinnerware out of sight.  It’s now fashionable to display almost everything in your kitchen from dishes to pots and pans to gourmet oils and vinegars.

Open shelving and glass-front cabinets are just as beautiful in modern kitchens as they are in traditional spaces.  Glass-front cabinets can be anything from simple to decorative glass.  Make sure to include lighting in your glass-front cabinets to show off your china and glassware to its best advantage

Big, bold and beautiful lighting

Lighting is an important design element.  Gone are those little glass pendants suspended over an island and in are sizable lighting fixtures that make a splash in the middle of the room and take centre stage in the kitchen.

Integrated dining table

Combining a dining table and kitchen benchtop is an excellent space saver.  Plus, it keeps the action close to the kitchen making it a great option for families or for those who love to entertain

Pop of colour

A solid pop of colour is a great way to make your kitchen stand out.  Choose one element to highlight, such as the Kitchen Island or cabinetry, so you don’t overwhelm the space


Dark paint colours

White will never go out of style, but this year dark paint tones appear to be in favour with black, deep brown, dark red and copper tones among the most popular paint colours.  Just remember that dark colours can make a space feel smaller, use dark colours in moderation unless you have a huge kitchen.  Designers recommend painting just one wall a deep shade, or consider painting the ceiling or floor for accent

Apron front sinks

Apron front sinks or ‘farmhouse sinks’ are becoming even more popular in 2014.  These big, roomy sinks are great for filling tall pots and washing large items with far less splashing.  These sinks used to be seen mostly in country style kitchens but are now right at home in any style kitchen.


Kitchen Trends 2012

Eurocucina is Europe’s only major kitchen furniture trade fair and is an event of global significance for the industry.

This influences kitchen design trends in Australia.


Top Ten EuroCucina Trends for 2012:

Curves and soft lines seem to be reappearing in many of the designs.

The majority of fronts and panels were painted, closely followed by wood grains and natural timbers.

Acrylic solid surfaces.

Lift systems like AVENTOS in overhead cabinets most with an electrical opening support systems such as SERVO-DRIVE.

Wide range of internal lighting in cabinets.

Stainless steel. Either as 12mm bench tops or subtly incorporated into the kitchen design.

Individualisation of products to personalise kitchen designs such as TANDEMBOX intivo for personalised drawer sides.

Distressed kitchen materials with a vintage effect. In particular knotted oak.
Internal storage solutions.

Environmentally-friendly materials such as Giuseppe Bavuso’s “Icon” for Ernesto Meda, in which surfaces are covered with ‘iconconcrete’, a material which looks like cement.



Kitchen Trends 2010 – 2011

The 18th Eurocucina 2010 – also known as the International Kitchen Furniture Exhibition was held in Milan, Italy in April. This is where the cream of European designer’s combine form with creativity to showcase what is likely to shape kitchen design in the coming years. Here’s a quick summation of what was on offer: