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‘Choose from countless colours & finishes from a wide range of suppliers to give your New Kitchen or Kitchen Renovation an exciting new look!’

Melamine Doors –

Melamine is a decorative low pressure laminate which is hard wearing & easy to clean. Choose from a wide range of colours and a variety of decorative surface finish options such as texture, matt, sheen & embossed. The ultra high gloss range is luxurious & contemporary and also has a 7 year warranty. This is an affordable product that will add value to your home.

1.2 mm European Laminate Doors –

These doors are made from a high pressure laminate which is extremely hardwearing & scratch resistant. They come in a wide range of colours & textures. You’ll pay a little more than Melamine – but if you want a superior long lasting finish that will still look great in 10-15 years – then this is for you!

Thermo-laminated Vinyl Doors –

Also known as ‘vinyl wrapped’ or ‘vacuum sealed’ doors. These are available in a great range of colours, textures & profiles. They’re scratch resistant & have a lengthy product warranty.

Timber Veneer –

Timber veneer doors are made from thin slices of premium grade timber – which ensures a quality finish.

Solid Timber doors –

Add instant warmth to any home. The costs vary according to the timber species.

Polyurethane –

This is a luxury product which is available in either a gloss, satin or metallic finish. Any profile door will suit this painted process. Choose a colour from any fandeck to compliment your home’s interior.

Aluminium framed Glass Doors –

There are several contemporary profiles to choose from. Available with custom coloured, white, frosted, mirrored or clear glass inserts. Only toughened glass is used for your safety.

High gloss acrylic doors –

A luxuriously smooth, high gloss product which is applied to both the front & backs of the doors. Minor scratches and scuffs can be removed by hand. There is a set range of colours to choose from.

Perspex doors –

Choose from several designer frames & over 30 colours. It looks just like glass but without the weight & safety restrictions. Mix & match by using super glossy Perspex doors on your wall cabinets. Then choose floor cabinets in a contrasting colour and finish. Your kitchen will look amazing!

Granite, Marble & Onyx –

Often dismissed as high maintenance products, these magnificent, natural & hardwearing surfaces are a great way to add your personality into your kitchen. Today, marble can be treated with a product at the time of fabrication, to make it more resistant to staining. Dare to be different!

Caesar Stone & quartz based engineered benchtops –

These non-porous, easy to maintain, scratch & stain resistant products are double the impact resistance of granite. Benchtops are available in a standard 20mm thickness. Or customize the look to have a 40, 60 or 80 mm thick edge profile. Some stones are available in a full 30 mm thick product.

Acrylic Benchtops –

These are made from a mix of acrylic resins & minerals. They appear seamless and are warmer to touch than stone benchtops. An acrylic benchtop is an extremely hygienic product which is also repairable if it is scratched or damaged. Choose from a large selection of colours & looks. Be wary of cheaper 100% acrylic benchtops which are very soft & often crack around vulnerable areas.

Glass Splashbacks –

As a splashback, glass is a very popular choice because it looks fantastic in a minimalistic kitchen & very easy to care for. It’s available in Float or Starphire finishes. Starphire is a bit more expensive as it has had the visible green tint removed. This is done by reducing the iron content in the glass – revealing only pure colours through the glass. The back of the glass can be painted in a flat or metallic finish, which can be colour matched to any paint fandeck. Slump glass can also be made to your custom design or can choose from the many standard designs available.

High gloss acrylic panelling –

This product can be substituted for glass splashbacks except directly behind a heat source. Achieve a high impact designer look without the cost. These are available in a choice of 10 colours.

Tiles –

We’re excited about the myriad of opulent mosaic glass tiles that we have on board which are guaranteed to rouse your creative senses. Feast your eyes upon a collection of the most beautiful mosaics that we’ve ever seen. Great for bathrooms and flooring too!

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